3 Easy Steps

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Guns

Legal in all 50 states.  Fast & easy.  No cost.

Our experienced team takes care of everything,  so you can kiss your unwanted guns goodbye.

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Tell us what you want to get rid of

Complete our Buyback form in only two minutes. We just need some basic information about each gun you want to dispose of, such as the make, model, caliber, and serial number. We will provide you with a Buyback Value for each item, so you know the value of your Donation or Cash Payment.

If you are unsure about anything or have any questions, contact us at info@gunbuyback.org. We are here to help.

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Pack it up and say goodbye!

Once your Buyback is approved, our team will email you a free shipping label and packing instructions. Next, we will schedule a pick-up at your home or, if you prefer, we’ll provide you with the nearest drop-off location.

There is no cost to you.  Simply pack your items and give them to the delivery driver. We handle everything else.

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Receive your Tax Receipt or Cash Payment

When your items arrive at our facility, our team will release your Buyback Value payment. If you choose to Donate your payment,we will process your donation and you will receive a tax-deductible receipt.

If you elect a Cash Payment, you will receive instructions via email so you can deposit your payment immediately.

You’ll also receive the documentation you need to show that your firearms were legally transferred to a federally licensed organization.

START HEREDonate or Cash Your Payment. Takes 2 Minutes.
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